Care Package Plans

According to recent research by the Commonwealth Fund, The United States has one of the highest mental health needs in the world. Their number one recommendation for addressing this need is to improve access to better mental health care on a consistent, ongoing basis.

With an Anew Care Package, you can meet this need for you and your loved ones starting today! This subscription based service ensures access to care each and every month.

Benefits of an Anew Care Package
- Guaranteed access to a fully integrated system of care
- Consistent supports that improve individual well being
- Individualized plans ensure you get only the care you need
- Fully customizable and transferrable. Purchase for yourself and/or a loved one

Base Plans


$241 weekly

4x monthly Therapy
1x monthly Psychiatric Evaluation
2x monthly Nursing Consultation
4x monthly Case Management


$141 weekly

2x monthly Therapy
1x monthly Psychiatric Evaluation
1x monthly Nursing Consultation
2x monthly Case Management